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4 Features The Service Truck Body You Invest In Should Have

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Are you getting ready to invest in a new service truck body for your business? Whether you work in the construction, landscaping, or pool service field, there are a few features that your new truck body should have to optimize performance and satisfaction in the coming months and years. Here are some important features to look for while comparison shopping.

A Full Swing Tailgate

When you or an employee must retrieve tools and equipment from the back of your service truck, you should not have to crawl over the tailgate to do so. Luckily, you don't have to do so if you choose the right service truck body. Look for a truck body that features a full swing tailgate that falls all the way down against the back of the truck when it opens. The tailgate should have latches that will allow you to attach the tailgate to the back of the truck so that it stays still and sturdy while you work.

Built-in Storage

Another feature that your new service truck body should have is built-in storage. The storage spaces should be big enough to hold important tools like nail guns and circular saws that should not be left in the elements. The storage spaces should be also lockable so that your tools can be left in the truck without worrying about theft as time goes on.  Make sure that the storage units are actually built into the truck body and not just attached to it as add-ons.

A Damage Resistant Finish

Chances are that you will scrape your truck body as you move parts, tools, and equipment on and off it. Scrapes and scratches can quickly lead to problems like rusting. To help ensure that your truck does not end up looking old, rusted, and worn out as it performs throughout the coming years, it is a good idea to make sure that the body is treated with a powder coat finish. This will make the body resistant to UV rays, scrapes, chips, scratches, corrosion, and rusting as time goes on.

Easily Replaceable Parts  

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a new service truck body is replacement parts. If the body is made with obscure parts or items made that are only sourced from other countries, you may have a hard time replacing a part when the need arises. Make sure that all the major parts of the truck body that will be used regularly, like latches, can be easily sourced from a local vendor or online outlet. 

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