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Tired Of Wasting Money On Your Catering Carts? Try Stainless Steel Casters

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If your catering business picks up in October and doesn't slow down until after January, you need reliable utility carts to keep your company running. But when your carts' wheels fall off, break or simply don't operate properly because of poorly designed or weakened casters, your catering business slows down. You may even throw away your broken carts and buy new ones. Instead of doing these things, invest in stainless steel casters with unique features that save you money and improve your catering company's productively. Here's how the right stainless steel casters help you and why.  

Strong and Reliable for Heavy Use

If you need catering carts that can haul or carry heavy loads, such as large cakes, multiple cooked goods and numerous decorations, stainless steel casters are right for you. Stainless steel is one of the strongest and most reliable materials for transporting heavy items. The material doesn't bend easily under pressure, which means you spend less time worrying about accidents and more time meeting your customers' needs. Here's why.

Stainless steel contains a mixture of iron, nickel, titanium, and other strong elements. Each element adds a layer of protection to your stainless steel casters, which prevents warping, denting and other problems that slow your business down. These features come in handy when you need to service a large client.

Protection Against Rust and Corrosion

If your current casters rust or corrode, your carts probably won't last long, especially if the problems occur in the small pieces, plates and other parts that connect your wheels to the carts. Stainless steel casters resist rusting and corroding longer and better than regular steel because it contains the special alloys and elements mentioned above.

However, there's another reason stainless steel casters work better for you. They typically feature special coatings or sealants that prevent water from penetrating the surfaces and mechanical parts of the casters.

Sealants are finishes, primers, paints, and similar substances that form strong barriers against chemicals, moisture, water and oxygen. Rust develops when metal surfaces encounter these natural elements.

If you tend to spill soups, beverages and other liquids on your carts during transport, the water, salts and acids inside the liquids can eventually mix with oxygen or air to create rust. The rust on your current casters can eventually corrode or wear away their surfaces.

To protect your business and catering carts, install stainless steel casters on them.


Every time you discard or trash your catering carts because of bad casters, you lose money. If your catering company only operates on a seasonal basis, the expenses you incur from purchasing new carts during that time can affect your income. In addition, you may not have enough funding available to finance next season's catering needs, such as purchasing the ingredients, cook wares and food items you need to create your dishes.

Your clients may place large orders for the holidays that you simply can't meet without charging them more. Also, the lack of reliable catering carts keeps you from taking on additional orders. Your clients may choose another caterer because you can't meet their needs.

Speaking to a reputable contractor about purchasing stainless steel casters for your catering carts before the season hits is ideal. By doing so, you can take your time and choose casters that support the demands of your business, as well as the accessories that match them. The contractor may offer additional reasons and benefits for replacing your current casters with stainless steel casters.

If you need more information about stainless steel casters, contact your contractor today. Getting what you need today can help you meet your catering company's goals later. You can also visit for more information.