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3 Problems That All Start With Bad Diesel Fuel And Poor Filtration

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If you own a diesel vehicle or machine, bad fuel could be the cause of many of your headaches. Diesel fuel can often have additives, such as water, recycled waste and particles of different materials. During the refining process, these materials are often removed. If something goes wrong or cheaper processes are used to filter the fuel, this can mean a disaster for your diesel engines. Here are some of the most common problems that all start with bad fuels:

1. Bad Fuel And Oil Due To Contamination During Refueling

The fuel that you fill up with may often have particles still in it, which can cause problems with the fuel tank and the oil of your engine. Sometimes, there may even be high concentrations of water in the fuel. Because of this, it may be a good idea to invest in a fuel filtration system. Look for a system that does more than just remove the particles. You want a purification system that also helps to remove water from your diesel.

2. Excessive Wear And Buildup That Causes Damage To Fuel Injection

Excessive wear of your motor can be contributed to many different causes, such as the use of a machine or lack of maintenance. In addition, bad fuel can also cause excessive premature wear. This can be caused by particles and other materials that are in the fuel. Even the best fuel services can sometimes have a bad batch of fuel, which is why filtration and purification systems may be a good investment.

3. Clogged Fuel Lines And Pumps Due To Contamination In Fuel

Bad fuel can also contribute to fuel pumps going bad and other problems like clogged fuel lines. Some of these problems can be corrected by flushing out the fuel system and cleaning parts. When you do this, store the bad fuel in a container and refine it through a portable filtration system. This can help refine the fuel and make it better to use. Before you reuse the fuel, you may want to use a fuel tester to ensure its quality. If it is still bad after filtration, contact a fuel service and talk with them about taking it from you and giving you a clean batch of fuel.

Have you noticed any of these particular problems with your diesel engine? It is possible that you have received a bad batch of fuel. Contact an oil and fuel service like Small & Sons Oil Dist Co to get the fuel you need.