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3 Tips For Maintaining Your Overhead Door

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Having access to a functional overhead door ensures that you will be able to move product through your loading dock with ease. While an overhead door can be a valuable asset, the door could quickly turn into a safety hazard if you don't take the time to maintain it properly.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your overhead door remains in good working condition well into the future.

1. Regularly tighten your door's hardware.

Your overhead door is lifted and lowered numerous times throughout the course of a day. Each time the door moves, vibrations run through both the door and its frame. These vibrations can cause hardware to become loose over time.

It's important that you regularly tighten screws to keep your hardware in place if you want to keep your overhead door performing properly in the future.

2. Monitor the movement of your door.

In addition to checking for loose hardware, you should regularly monitor the movement of your overhead door while it is in use. A door that is working properly will open and close smoothly. If you spot any shuddering or lurching while your overhead door is in motion, these could be signs that the door is on the verge of failure.

Be sure to invest in professional repairs when you identify sudden changes in the movement pattern of your overhead door so that you don't let minor performance problems turn into major safety hazards.

3. Keep your overhead door's moving parts lubricated.

When you make it a point to keep your overhead door lubricated, you reduce the amount of friction experienced by the door's moving parts on a daily basis. Eliminating friction will help you extend the life of your door's moving parts, ensuring that you will be able to rely on the performance of your overhead door well into the future.

Be sure that you are using a lithium grease to lubricate your overhead door's chain, and make use of a spray lubricant to fully coat the springs and rollers that help lift and lower your overhead door.

Knowing how to properly maintain your overhead door will ensure that the door remains a functional asset on your loading dock in the future. Tighten loose hardware regularly, check for changes in the movement pattern of your door, and keep the door's moving parts lubricated to ensure your overhead door performs efficiently. Contact a company, like American Material Handling, Inc. , for more help.