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Warehouse Installation: Tips For Erecting A New Warehouse

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Warehouses are typically very large structures. They also contain a lot of different products that draw the attention of pests and vermin. You do not want to draw their attention, but in an outdoor structure, pests and vermin find these structures very comforting and comfortable. So, how does one erect a new warehouse and avoid various pitfalls? Check out the following tips to do your best.

No Crowded Spaces

The more crowded the space around your warehouse, the more rats, mice and insect pests will feel safe seeking shelter in your warehouse. Choose a piece of property that has plenty of room around it, and make sure it is far enough away from other warehouses and structures so that pests cannot easily travel from other structures to your new warehouse.

The K.I.S.S. Principle

No, not the rock band; the acronym for Keep It Simple, Simon! applies here. Make your warehouse a very simple structure with very wide aisles and low ceilings. The less airspace for flying creatures and the less closed space for ground creatures to creep in and scatter, the better. Also, it helps to have just one or two overhead doors so that there is little opportunity for critters to enter unnoticed.

LOTS of Light

If there is one thing that warehouse pests and vermin do not like, it is a lot of light. The more well-lit your warehouse, the easier it is to spot these pests as they scurry and crawl. The easier to spot them, the easier it is to kill them.

Lots of Activity and/or Sound

Rats and mice like to do their busy work and their plundering in quiet. Blasting tunes on the radio and making sure there is a lot of foot traffic tends to prevent pests from coming and going. When there is no movement in the warehouse, pests interpret this as a safe place to enter and run amok.

Securing Walls to the Concrete Slab Foundation

Finally, when you install your new warehouse on the pre-selected site, be sure to secure the bottoms of the walls to the concrete slab foundation. Use an expanding spray foam to prevent entry by the smallest of insects. When the walls are secured this way, nothing can get in or out except by the bay doors/overhead garage doors. If something does get into a brand-new warehouse, you can narrow down the possible causes and entry points.

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