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The Difference Between A Clip-On Genset & An Underslung Genset

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If you have goods that need to be transported and also need to be kept cool, you are going to need to use a genset from a company like Genset Pool to keep things cool. A genset is a specific type of generator that is used to keep a space cool. There are two main type of genset generators that you can use to keep things cool, a clip-on genset and an underslung genset.

Underslung Genset

An underslung genset is a type of cooling device and generator that is attached to the underside of a trailer. It is attached directly to the underside of the frame of a trailer. Since an underslung genset is attached directly to the frame of the trailer, it can stay inp lace even when the cargo above it is removed from the trailer.

If you know that you are going to have continuous cooling needs but don't want to invest in a refrigerated trailer, an underslung genset can be a good compromise. You can use an underslung genset to keep your cargo cool while it is in transit.

Another benefit of using an underslung genset is that when you get to your destination, you don't have to take the genset off the cargo. You just have to remove the cargo container from the trailer, and the underslung genset stays in place.

Clip-On Genset

A clip-on genset works differently than an underslung genset. With a clip-on genset, the generator is literally "clipped" or attached to the side of the container that you need to keep cool. The genset stays with the container, ensuring that it stays cool as it is loaded on and off a delivery truck or ship.

A clip-on genset follows the cargo that it is clipped onto. It helps ensure that your cargo stays cool no matter where it is at or where it is moved to. A clip-on genset can be a great solution when you need to transport cargo across various shipping methods, such as on multiple trucks or boats, and keep it cool the entire time.

The genset can be clipped onto the front or back of a container; the placement is all about what works best for keeping the cargo cool.

The type of genset you need depends on whether you want to keep a specific shipment cool or you want to keep all shipments cool that you transport on your trailer. A clip-on genset is best for keeping a specific shipment cool, whereas an underslung genset is best for keeping all goods that you transport with a specific trailer cool.