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How Your Warehouse Could Benefit From A Switch To Teardrop Pallet Racks

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Is your warehouse running out of storage space? If so, you might be looking for possible solutions to clean up the clutter and make more use of the vertical space on your property. One of the most popular choices for many warehouse owners when they are looking to upgrade their storage is to make a switch to a teardrop pallet rack system. Here's why this option might be the right choice for your company. 

Multiple Configuration Options

Teardrop pallet racks typically rest upon horizontal beams. The exact positioning of each pallet doesn't have to be uniform across the board, however. So if you want there to be a larger section of the rack to put oversize items in between each beam, you can. A teardrop pallet rack system can be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate multiple different weights and sizes.

Easy to Move or Switch Out

Once you have the load beams put in place, putting the pallet racks on top of them is relatively easy. In fact, if you ever need to reconfigure your storage space, you can easily pull a rack off of the beams and relocate it somewhere else. Teardrop pallet racks are also pretty uniform across the industry, so you can purchase new pallet racks today from a local provider but then purchase additional racks from someone else years down the road and you won't have to worry about compatibility

Get Started Quickly

Is your business super cramped and you need to reclaim space in your warehouse as soon as possible? If so, a teardrop pallet rack system can get you up and running fast. The load beams and the pallets themselves are basically the only two parts that need to be put into place. There's no additional shelving or drawers that you have to worry about installing. A seasoned professional can come to your business, set up your new storage system, and get out of your way quickly.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Teardrop pallet racks can also offer more than just additional storage space. Once you have everything properly stored, it's likely your entire warehouse will become a safer environment. There won't be as much stuff on the floor that employees might trip over, and you won't have to worry about steering your heavy equipment creatively to avoid obstacles on the ground. Teardrop pallet racks can help you create a more clean-looking and professional warehouse.