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What Is Often Included In The Price Of A Crane Rental?

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If you're going to be renting a crane for a commercial project sometime soon, then you might be curious about how much it's going to cost. Along with inquiring about pricing for your crane rental, you might also want to know what is included in that price. This is going to vary between different crane rental companies and different packages that they offer, so you will need to ask for a full breakdown of pricing and a list of services that are included when you work with a crane rental company in your area. Here are a few examples of the different things that are often included in the price of a crane rental.

The Rental of the Crane

Of course, the cost of actually renting the crane will be included in your pricing. You will need to determine exactly which type and size of crane you want to rent, and you will also need to determine how long you will need it. Some crane rental companies charge different rates based on how long a customer rents a crane, so if you rent a crane for a week, you might pay less per day than someone who only rented the crane for one or two days.

Insurance on the Crane

In some cases, crane rental pricing includes some type of insurance to protect it. If you aren't sure about this, this is something that you should ask about. Renting a crane that has insurance coverage on it can give peace of mind since you won't have to worry about being held responsible if something goes wrong with it while it's in your possession.

Transport of the Crane

Even smaller cranes can be difficult to transport, and it does require specialty equipment, special permits, and more to transport bigger cranes. You might not have the equipment, manpower, or knowledge to transport a crane on your own, but many crane rental companies will drop off and pick up the crane rental from their clients' work sites.

Operation Services

In many cases, the cost of hiring a crane operator for the day—or for however long you will be renting the crane—is often included in the cost of a crane rental. If it isn't, then you can typically ask to have this service added on. After all, cranes should only be operated by people who are trained and licensed to do so. Contact a crane rental service for more information.