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What Should You Look For When You're Shopping For An Orbital Welder?

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You might have experience with working with various types of welding equipment, but you might not have used an orbital welder yet. However, because orbital welding is a clean, affordable way to get consistent and good-quality welds, you might have decided that you want to purchase orbital welding equipment. As someone who does have experience with welding — and who might be looking forward to making use of orbital welding equipment for your day-to-day welding jobs — you might know that it's important for you to purchase the right orbital welding equipment. If you're wondering about the different things you should be looking for when shopping for orbital welding equipment, you can start by checking out the list below.

High-Quality Programming Equipment

One thing that you should be prepared for when using an orbital welder is the fact that it can be programmed, unlike with many other types of welding equipment. Different orbital welders have different types of programming equipment installed, and some are much more high-end and high-tech than others. Although the more tech-forward orbital welders are typically a bit more expensive, you'll probably find it's best to choose the most programmable orbital welder that you can find and afford. This will make orbital welding a whole lot easier for you, and it will help you get the best possible results when using your orbital welder, too.

Easily Portable

One good thing about orbital welding equipment is the fact that you can take it with you to do jobs in different places. If you'd like to offer mobile welding services for the general public, or if you use your orbital welder on construction sites, mining sites, or other out-of-shop places, then you should look for a compact and easily portable orbital welder. If you don't think you are going to be using your orbital welder outside of your shop, on the other hand, it might not be necessary for you to do this.

Automatic Documenting

One of the most challenging parts of orbital welding is keeping up with the related documentation. Luckily, many orbital welders will automatically document logs and data. If you can find an orbital welder that does this, you'll probably find it's worth spending a little more money on. Then, you can make sure that your logs are accurate, and you can save yourself a lot of time and effort when you are working with your orbital welder, too.